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Food for thought

When you have some spare minutes, open a Bible and follow this simple outline.   For ease of reference, all the texts have been chosen from one book of the Bible, the letter to the Romans, which is the sixth book in the New Testament section of the Bible.
1.   God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life:  read Romans ch.5 v.8; ch 2.v.4; ch.8 v.2 and ch.8 v.28.

2.   But, many people are living without a sense that God cares, and without a real deep aim or purpose.   Why is this ?  -- Because men and women are separated from God.   Let us explain:

  • God, as well as being loving and merciful, is also holy and just:   read Romans ch.2 v.16
  • whereas men and women are sinners:   read Romans ch.3 v.23
NOTE:   (i)     man of himself has no way back to God:   read Romans ch.9 v.16
             (ii)    forgiveness and reconciliation is a free gift:   read Romans ch.6 v.23
             (iii)   a gift that cannot be earned or deserved:   read Romans ch.3 v.28
3.    However, the Lord Jesus was both man and God:   read Romans ch.1 v.3 and 4
       and He died for man's sin:   read Romans ch.5 v. 1 and ch.10 v.9
4.    The Lord's gift of firgiveness and reconciliation is received by faith:   read Romans ch.5 v.1 and ch.10 v 9
Please contact us or a minister at your own church if you think you would like to make this faith your own.